Hello and thank you for spending some time visiting Island Photography, LLC! I am very excited that after the past 37 years of photographing everything from my first photos of Sanibel's wildlife at the age of ten to later beautiful Venice Italy to be able to dedicate more time to this art form.

I am of the belief that almost every photo tells a story. These stories are of our lives and how we and others live within them. The images of our experiences are then frozen in time.

I have over the years taken a direction of an artistic storybook approach to most of my photography. I strive to bring you into the image again and again. Having moved on Sanibel originally in 1972 and then later returning after traveling the U.S. has given me once again a perfect backdrop for beautiful images.

Weddings on the island are beautiful and provide for a great story. The goal of my wedding photography is to tell the story of your wedding day and to capture its joy and celebration in a relaxed natural fun way. I have been privileged to have also attended numerous wedding photography sessions and workshops by many of the top photographers in the world including world renown Jim Garner, Peter Hurley, Jerry Ghionis, Sal Cincotta and Joel Grimes. The knowledge I have gained from these amazing individuals has been inspiring and incorporated into my art.

All My Best!

Jonathan Tongyai

Photographic Artist

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