HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range"... a technical term which means in essence, better photos.  HDR is a form of exposure blending where photos of one scene, taken at different exposures (dark to light), are combined.   Especially in interiors photography, a single photo can not accurately capture detail in both shadows and highlights.  A method is needed to reproduce a wider range of light, and High Dynamic Range photography does just that.

I take 9 images at various exposures for each scene.  Like this:

HDR 9-exposure

Then using specialized software, these nine images are combined to provide a "best of all worlds" image.  Highlights are tamed down, detail is rescued from the shadows.  The result is an image that more accurately represents what the eye sees in the home.

Don't confuse High Dynamic Range with High Definition.  HD High Definition refers to greater detail in the photo.  HDR improves the exposure range of an image (lights and darks).


Many photographers do HDR but the results are not appealing.  Colors are over-saturated, walls and ceilings look smudged or dirty.  Looking more like a fantasy painting than a listing photo.

My workflow produces cleaner, natural-looking HDR images.  You'll see more detail in dark areas, highlights will not be overexposed, views can be seen through windows.  These photos are "before" and "after" comparisons in a typical staged home demonstrating the eye-catching results.

My HDR can set you apart from other agents.  Buyers are attracted to good photography, and your listings sell more quickly.  Call today to put your listings in the best light!